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Crown Resurfacing

Our Mission

We work to show our customers they deserve the best through consistent utilization of innovative products, trained technicians, and most importantly; honest, open business practices.

Your Schedule is important, so we do our best to work around it. Our coatings have a 2 hour cure time, which allows you to resume use of the surface quickly and removes the inconvenience other remodeling work can bring.

Our attention to etching and epoxy primer application guarantees a drastic life expectancy increase of your resurfaced product. 

All our products are eco-friendly due to minimal VOCs (volatile organic compounds). So you can feel safe in your home!

About Us

The Refinishing Process

The workplace

Of course, thorough preparation of the surface is vital to creating a beautiful and lasting finished product.

The refinishing process starts with an aggressive cleaning and etching of the work surface area.  Etching is a crucial step in resurfacing, as it allows the finish to bond rather than just sitting on the surface.  Etching is achieved through using an acid based chemical solution.  These chemicals are not harmful however, despite reports to the contrary; upon mixing with water they cease to be active agents and any residue is completely cleaned away prior to application of the topcoat.

Additionally, a powerful ventilation system is put into place to vent fumes to the outside. We also protect the area surrounding the tub by masking and taping off those areas not to be refinished.

Next we address any necessary repairs. This would include any cracks, dents, scratches and rust.



Finally, the topcoat is applied with a professional spray gun. Due to the skill and experience of our craftsmen, the outcome will be a durable and lasting finish, free of any drips or streaks.


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