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Bathtub and Shower

White Bathroom

White Bathroom

White Bathtub

White Bathtub

Modern Shower

Modern Shower

Hotel shower

Hotel shower



The most common reasons for refinishing a bathtub or shower are outdated colors, damage, rust or a dull finish. The great news is through it's refinishing process, Crown Resurfacing can remedy any of the above in less than a day!

Fiberglass tubs often break down over years of use, leaving your tub with cracks and chips. This is called decompression. Once this occurs the situation can only get worse. Moisture is then able to get into the cracks, making contact with the fiberglass and eventually weakening the entire structure. Crown Resurfacing's remodeling technique resolves this issue within only a few hours. 



Anti-slip Floor Treatment


Bathtub and Tile Enclosure

Fiberglass Bathtub and Enclosure

Strip Charge (Only applicable if tub has been previously resurfaced)

(Porcelain, Fiberglass or Acrylic)






Shower Tile

Tile - Small (< 36" wide)

Tile - Large (> 36" wide)

Shwoer Floor Only (Tile)




Shower (Fiberglass)

Small (< 36" wide)

Large (> 36" wide)

Shower Floor Only




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